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Singtims Cambodia (Siem Reap)


As you all know a few singtims, Craig, Hans-Peter (aka Happy) and Ian headed off to Siem Reap in Cambodia to work with the Caring for Cambodia (CFC - nice acronym!) to work with one of the local schools.

The Singtims Coaches were accompanied by the backroom staff of Louise, Aiden, Anna, Daniel and Janice.

They started early in the morning as they helped serve a rice breakfast for some of the local kids and then assisted with painting some of the school desks for the kids.

On both afternoons the kids came to life as they were put  through a rigorous football training session.. sand dunes included 😊

Everyone had a blast (including the Singtims ) as we went through a series of drills with a 4 team play off at the end. Thanks to your donation money we managed to provide the kids/ school with the following:

- 3 X portable goals sets

- 20+ balls

- 50+ Celtic tops

- 35+ Celtic water bottles

- 6+ pairs of Celtic goalie gloves

- 100+ Toothbrushes

- Various toys, Hoola (C’mon the) hoops, frisbees, skipping roaps, coloring pencils etc.

Overall it was a major success story and on behalf of the members who visit it was certainly one of the most satisfying experience that we all had. The kids, teachers and the CFC could not thank us enough for what we gave but what we got in return was even more. We encourage anyone who is ever thinking of volunteering for some thing like this, don’t think just do it!!

Some great pics of the experience can be found HERE(CLICK)

with a write up in the Caring for Cambodia newletter too HERE(CLICK)

Hail Hail



The official christening of the new Bojangles for all Singtims members last night. Great way to start it off with great game against Aberdeen and a 3-1 win for the teams efforts.

Great night had by all.

Hail Hail

Singapore Celtic fans are everywhere ! Just met Andrew at a wine doo! He initially bought the shirt as he likes Magners , but after a short talk he is now a fanatic Celtic supporter… and a good scottish name to go with it too. Nice meeting you Andrew!

A few old friends drop into town ! Haste ye back Chris and Marie!

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